As of 5pm CST, 3 September 2018.

The Flood Protection Authority – East (FPA) continues to prepare for Tropical Storm

The FPA has closed 38 floodgates and 13 valve gates in Orleans and St. Bernard
Parishes, and the concrete barge gate on the Lake Borgne Surge Barrier. We have
also closed the Bayou Bienvenue and Bayou Dupree floodgates and plan to keep
them closed for the duration of the event.

On Tuesday, 4 September we will close 7 additional floodgates along the Industrial
Canal and we are still planning on closing the Caernarvon Sector Gate in St.
Bernard. We have no plans to close the floodgates on Highway 11 and Highway 90
at this time.

The Bayou Bienvenue and Bayou Dupree floodgates are closed and we plan to keep
them closed throughout the duration of this tropical event. The Caernarvon Sector
Gate is scheduled to remain open until Tuesday morning, when we will likely close it
due to rising tides. Boaters are encouraged to consider Caernarvon for safe harbor
until that point.

Drainage pump stations in St. Bernard Parish are manned and ready for this event.
At this time, the FPA does not anticipate that the three Pump Stations and Closure
Structures at Lake Pontchartrain will be activated, but it is prepared to do so if the
forecast changes and water levels in Lake Pontchartrain reach key thresholds. The
FPA and the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board remained in close coordination and will
continue to do so through the event.

We have activated the Flood Protection Authority’s Emergency Operations Center, and we will be
monitoring conditions around the clock, until this storm passes.
Residents should continue to remain alert and monitor weather conditions and updates from local,
state and Federal officials.

Gate closure alerts will continue to be sent out via the FPA alert system, which citizens can sign up
for by following the AlertSense signup link at

Derek Boese
Chief Administrative Officer, Flood Protection Authority – East