New Orleans, LA – On Saturday, August 15, 2020, voters in St. Bernard Parish rejected a 8-mill, 10-year property tax for drainage. Passage of the millage was expected to pave the way for the Parish government to assume internal pumping and drainage responsibilities in St. Bernard Parish, as they had agreed to do starting January 2020. The Flood Protection Authority-East (FPA) is pressing forward with litigation to accomplish the transfer of the pumping and drainage function from the FPA to the Parish, with or without the Parish’s acquiescence. The FPA will continue pumping and drainage operations until either the litigation to enforce the agreement to transfer operation to the Parish is concluded or the funds for that function are exhausted in December 2021. Regardless of the status of the transfer of pumping and drainage to the Parish, the FPA will continue to operate the levee system and flood control structures in St. Bernard Parish, as it does in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes.