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East Jefferson Lakefront Levee Lift


The purpose of the Flood Protection Authority’s East Jefferson Lakefront Levee Lift Project is to elevate the levee for flood protection and public safety. We will continue to work to accommodate recreational usage throughout the project.

Project Status


  • Construction on the East Jefferson Lakefront Levee Lift Project was ahead of schedule until the last several months of heavy rainfall occurred, including record-setting days for precipitation.
  • The physical construction will be completed in the first week of October, pending good weather conditions. After physical construction, the levee district will be monitoring for good grass growth.
  • The Corps of Engineers will follow our construction with their armoring project starting in mid-October and is due to be completed by Spring, 2018. Armoring makes the levee more resilient by adding a geotextile grid covered by special sod. The Corps is doing this at full federal expense.
    • Their project includes concreting the crossover ramps (Homestead, east/west Causeway, Severn, Clearview, Erlanger, western Kenner, and by each of the Pump Stations).
    • The construction fencing will remain in place during the Corps’ project in order to protect the new sod.

Public Access

  • The Flood Authority is working with the Corps to coordinate opening the crossover ramps during their construction as much as possible for more direct access points to the lake.
  • The All-Weather Access Road (AWAR, commonly referred to as the “bike path”) has remained open as scheduled except at the two Causeway crossover ramps (east/west) and at the westernmost crossover in Kenner. This will remain unchanged throughout the Corps’ project.
    • Recreational users will still have easy detours at each of the three crossovers listed above using the adjacent concrete slope paving.
  • There will continue to be full recreational levee access at Bonnabel and Williams Boulevards, as well as at Bucktown.


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