Double Duty

Bayou Bienvenue and Bayou Dupre Sector Gates are part of the Hurricane Storm and Damage Risk Reduction System that were enhanced by the U.S Army Corps of Engineers after Hurricane Katrina. These navigable sector gates allows marine vessels to traffic though the levees and floodwalls that run parallel to the south bank of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW) and the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MRGO). Each consists of a 56’ wide navigable sector gate at a height of 32 feet above sea level that is designed to prevent storm surge from impacting highly populated areas of St. Bernard Parish and the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans.

Bayou Bienvenue Sector Gate

Bayou Bienvenue Sector Gate

Bayou Dupre Sector Gate

Operation & Maintenance

Once construction was completed in 2013, the U.S Army Corps of Engineers transferred responsibility of operation and maintenance to the Flood Protection Authority-East.