Accomplished and experienced

Our team of experts prides itself in striving for excellence.

We are your Flood Protection Authority-East

The most important asset of the Flood Protection Authority is the over 200 dedicated and professional employees.  From the board members, senior and administrative staff to the men and women who operate and maintain the flood protection structures, levees, floodgates and floodwall, our team works seamlessly together to protect your homes, families, and businesses.

Board of Commissioners

Clay A. Cosse
Clay A. Cosse-President
Roy M. Arrigo
Roy M. Arrigo-Vice President
Thomas G. Fierke
Thomas G. Fierke-Secretary
William A. Settoon, Jr.
William A. Settoon, Jr.-Treasurer
Richard G. Duplantier, Jr.
Richard G. Duplantier, Jr.-Commissioner
Herbert I. Miller
Herbert I. Miller-Commissioner
K. Randall Noel
K. Randall Noel-Commissioner
Derek N. Rabb
Derek N. Rabb-Commissioner
Deborah Mabile Settoon, P.E.
Deborah Mabile Settoon, P.E. -Commissioner

Board Staff

Kirk Ordoyne
Kirk Ordoyne-Executive Counsel
Wilma Heaton
Wilma Heaton-Director of Governmental Affairs

Flood Protection Authority Senior Staff

Kelli Chandler
Kelli Chandler-Regional Director
Chris Humphreys, P.E.
Chris Humphreys, P.E.-Director of Engineering


Our Board of Commissioners, professional staff and operations and maintenance personnel work together to accomplish the Flood Protection Agency’s mission

Role of Board

The Flood Protection Authority’s Board of Commissioners governs the agency in order to be transparent, honest, visible, responsive, responsible and accountable so that our actions over a sustained period of time will build trust with the public and the agencies with whom we work in the mission of building and managing our regional system. The 9 board members are appointed by the governor for 4 year terms.

Our Partners

Our partnerships are crucial to successfully providing flood protection. They include local, regional, state and federal government agencies such as the U.S.Army Corps of Engineers, the La. Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, the La. State Police, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrative, the U.S. Coast Guard, I-STORM (International Network for Storm Surge Barriers), and many more.

Professional Staff

Our staff is made up of experts in engineering, science, IT, GIS, finance, management, human resources,  governmental affairs, public information, and law. Each of our senior staff members have degrees, certifications and training in their field. They are required to participate in continuing education programs to stay up to date with practices and procedures related to their job requirements.