What We Do

We are diligent in performing our day to day responsibilities.

Levee Maintenance

  • Vegetation management
  • Embankment repairs

Floodwall maintenance
Floodgate operation and maintenance
Drainage pump station operation and maintenance
Drainage canal maintenance
Fleet maintenance

We work year-round to ensure that the flood protection system is sound.

Inspection and Assessment Program

  • Trained Inspectors (Certification Program)
  • Types of inspections

Post Flood Event
Periodic (Every 5 Years)
As needed

  • Data acquisition
  • System-wide inspections
  • Operations and management monitoring
  • 100-year floodplain mapping

We are ready for the storm.

Emergency Plan Updates
Hurricane Exercises
Emergency Response

  • Flood Fight Activities

Monitor conditions
Advise officials
Establish open lines of communication
Close floodgates and valves
Close control structures
Initiate pumping operations
Provide safe havens for employees